Thank you to everyone who has signed up to contribute to the 2016 Fandoms Against Domestic Violence fundraiser!


Below you will find a list of the authors who have signed up, and the fandom/ship they intend to write for this compilation.

Author Name Fandom 'Ship
Alaina_Arielle Harry Potter N/A
BellaEdwardlover1991 Twilight Edward/Bella
cloemarrie Unknown TBD
DeJean Smith Twilight Edward/Bella
Diannita23 Twilight TBD
EternallyEC The 100 Clarke/Lexa
ForeverRobsessed Twilight TBD
GeezerWench Twilight or Supernatural/Twilight Jasper/Bella or Peter/Bella or TBD
Hilga Pence Harry Potter TBD
LyricalKris Twilight Edward/Jasper
MacKenzie Creations Farscape John/Aeryn; Olivia/OC
Marie One Twilight non-canon
ncbexie25 Twilight/Vampire Diaries non-canon
RayneMoonFyre Unknown TBD
SherCullen71 & cloemarrie Twilight Edward/Bella
Spidermonkey321 Twilight Edward/Bella
TheDarkestFallingStar Twilight/Musketeers Athos/Bella
Tufano79 Twilight TBD
WhiteOphelia TBD TBD

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