To receive a copy of the compilation, you either need to contribute to it or donate to a charity/shelter.

There are many ways you can donate for Fandoms Against Domestic Violence (FADV). The minimum amount for donations to recieve the compilation is $10 (US currency). If you are outside the US, you may use a currency converter to find out how much you need to donate.

Once you choose an organization to donate to, please e-mail a legible copy of your receipt (your name, the amount donated, and the name of the organization must be clearly visible).

The following links have lists of various organizations that devote resources to helping people affected by domestic violence. You may choose one of these organizations to donate to:



Another option available to use is to choose a local organization or shelter to donate to. If you choose this option, please include something (e.g. pamphlet copy, link to website, etc.) in your e-mail providing proof that the organization/shelter helps people affected by domestic violence.

Donations received as of November 14, 2016: $303.00

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