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When the one you love is only hurting you and the pain is making you start losing yourself bit by bit, is it possible to let them go and set yourself free? Is it really possible to let them go when the mere thought of their name causes your heart to flutter, and breathing without having them near you is so, so painful? Is it really possible to finally love yourself more?


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"This is the last time I'm asking you why,
You break my heart in the blink of an eye."
- The last time, Taylor Swift ft.  Gary Lightbody

When Darcy started reflecting about the moment her life took a turn for the worse, she would undoubtedly whisper a name: Steve.

Steve Rogers was the stuff of dreams.

Every girl grew up with the image of the perfect guy "à la Steve Rogers".

Every girl remembers the old saying of "Why settle for a nobody, when you can have a Steve Rogers?" when dealing with first loves - and first heartbreaks.

Studying US History was the highlight of the day of every high school student: the boys all wanted to be strong and fierce like Steve Rogers, and the girls all wanted to be Peggy Carter - because Peggy Carter was Steve Rogers' love interest and Steve Rogers was the perfect guy to introduce to your parents and family, to your friends and colleagues. The "boy-scout" with the body of a Greek god and the face of an angel.

The hot guy who'll love you, protect you and care for you.

The handsome man who'll be loyal to you, and to you only, and who'll give you the perfect life you deserve.

Then growing up, all girls started forgetting about the perfect boy and looking for the bad guy, the one wearing leather, with piercings and tattoos, the one with whom sneaking through your window and kissing behind his wheel. The one who'll break your heart but will give you one hell of a ride in the meantime.

But Steve Rogers? Steve Rogers will always be every girl first love.

Darcy Lewis always thought Steve Rogers was a lie.

How can a guy be this perfect? Surely even Captain America had skeletons or weird quirks, right? Maybe he was a freak under the sheets, or a complete mess? Maybe he wasn't that good of a kisser? A neat freak? Too bossy? Maybe he was a bit frigid, like the times of his youth asked for?

Darcy never was one of those girls who dream about the good guy, the perfect little family.

She didn't care about it - she still doesn't.

She never paid much attention to him while studying WWII, more interested in the political implications and consequences of the war.

She never paid much attention to the breathy sighs of her girl classmates when his picture popped up in her textbook. She never got it.

Who would want that much fake perfection?

She never paid much attention to him till the day she met him at Avengers Tower, on a Monday - because it's always on Monday, isn't it?

That fateful Monday of March 4, 2016 when she met the guy who'll first open up her heart to love and passion to then shatter it into million pieces. The one who'll break her soul and crush her dreams and hopes in a short few months.

The guy who'll change her forever.

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