FANDOM: Twilight


The kids are older, Jake and Seth are nine, the twins, five, and the princess is three. Edward and Bella face a situation Edward had hoped to avoid, though it was always inevitable.


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My eyes search for the noise and immediately zero in on a group of boys gathered halfway between here and center field. And of fucking course, every single one of ours is in the middle of it.

I glance to my princess, unsure what to do, until Vic gives me a shove. “Go! I’ve got these.” She waves at the four smaller kids standing around us.

As I start moving, the ruckus gets louder, so my feet move faster. When I’m close enough to see clearly what’s happening, I notice a bigger kid, and two about the same size as my boys, are faced off with the Masen crew. I can’t quite make out the words yet, but it’s obviously a confrontation.

Just as I’m about to grab Jared’s shoulder, because he’s closest, Jake scoots to the side and sticks out his foot while Seth hauls back and shoves the big kid as hard as he can. The boy falls to the ground before I can catch him.

Due to the presence of an adult, namely me, the other two kids scatter, but the big one is already getting up. “I’m gonna make you pay, Looney Twins!” he yells and starts to charge at them, but I put my hand on his chest.

“You’re going to do no such thing,” I bark and turn to my boys. “I’m sure this is some kind of misunderstanding. Seth, Jake, apologize to this kid for making him fall.”

They both look at me like I’ve lost my damn mind, but I haven’t. I tense. “I said apologize,” I say in the most I-mean-business-dad-like voice I possess.

Both boys give me nasty looks, but at least they mumble, “Sorry.” Even though they don’t look at the kid.

I look back to the little fucker that called my sons a name. “This is the end of this little altercation. I suggest you not call my sons anything other than their names from here out. Got me?” I ask, giving him a withering stare.

He bobs his head quickly. “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” I move my hand from his chest and wave him away. “Now get out of here.” He scatters, and I turn my hard gaze to the rest of the Masens. “Get moving!”

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