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Bella wakes up to unfamiliar surroundings, her head pounding and her eyesight bleary. She groans and sits up, leaning her weight on her arm as she looks around, blinking excessively in an attempt to see better. When she swallows, her throat is dry and a strip of pain deep in her throat lets her know just how much water her body is lacking. Her eyes land on the door, where she finds a blurred image of a tray with water—she hopes. She drags herself over to it by digging her fingers into the dirt below her and pulling her body slowly forward bit by bit. She cannot trust her leg which she is sure she broke falling as she ran away from a shadow.

A shadow she sees is her reality when the door swings open and copper assaults her eyes.

"Edward," she breathes, and she watches as the boy's nostrils flare, not used to her scent anymore after so long without it.

"Isabella," he replies in a flat tone of greeting, making her swallow back fear. She watches him like a hawk as he stands over her, eyes black and trained just on her, drinking in features his eyes have been missing for two years. "I've finally found you."

Bella's lips twist with anger but she says nothing, blinking as she continues to merely stare up at him. She's waiting for it--for the tirade she'd experienced last time only this time she knows it'll be worse. She mentally tries to prepare herself for the onslaught about to come.

But try all she might, she still flinches when it does.

Bella gasped as she flew up into a seated position in bed, her throat clogged and body covered in a second skin of sweat. She breathed shakily, closing her eyes as she tried to calm her frantic heart, only to jump out of her skin almost when she felt fingers on her cheek—a cheek that had stung from the first hit Edward had leveled on her three years ago when she was on the run.

"Calm, beloved," Elijah whispered to her, bringing her into his arms and she clung to him, unashamed of her need for his comfort by now. The twenty-two year old had grown used to this feeling, having been with her mate for the past year with him as witness to her terrorizing, scream-evoking dreams every night since the night he'd saved her and finally taken hold to never let go again.

It was because of this nightly ritual that Bella did not resist it when he lay back down again with her curled around him, his arms wrapped tight around her still-trembling frame as a hand reached up to slowly comb through her hair in a practiced move he'd fast learned worked best to lull her into a dreamless sleep.

All the while, as the love of his existence, the soul being to make him complete, fell asleep... Elijah plotted.

With the help of the Original family and their copious connections, Bella's stay in New Orleans had been kept under tight wrap, and the Cullens had not been able to find any trace of her ever even coming into the state's proximity. To them, it was as if she had fallen off the face of the earth after leaving Mystic Falls, and he had watched with glee as they struggled—with sanity, values, and fights within the family—to keep morale high under this new twist in their search. The ability he had to keep his mate safe, especially knowing how he had so failed for those four precious years as his Swan blossomed into the gorgeous woman she was today—beautiful but broken—made him proud. It pleased the Beast locked behind the Red Door.

But there was a part that had been left unsettled, that had been left alone if only because Beast and he did not wish to leave her just as they did not wish to bring her with them.

The Mystic Falls gang themselves.

Slowly but surely, Elijah had pried the details from her after she first mentioned it the night they had reunited. All of it came together in a ghastly image of retribution for retribution's sake, using his mate when they did not have him.

They would pay for that.

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