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Can you recall the day your life started? Most people think it starts with the day they're born,or the first day of school, high school graduation, college or even marriage. Most don't think it starts when your told you're going to die from something you had absolutely no control over. Bella was only 14 when a freak accident forever changed her life, and realized that any day could be her last. Now 25, she lives life to the fullest while helping those with the same disease, cope and move forward with their lives. She meets Edward, a handsome writer who is persistent on getting to know Bella, However Bella doesn't want to take the risk. She knows she's living on burrowed time and doesn't want to worry about falling for someone who doesn't have to worry about something she's forever stuck with. However, Edward won't take no for an answer, and wants to get to know Bella... but will he stick around knowing that any day could be Bella's last.


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Ugh, talk about life sucking!

A few weeks ago life was good, I had just started high school, I was getting ready to celebrate my 15th birthday, and I had just found out my best friend, who currently lives in a different state, is coming down to celebrate my birthday with me.

Woohoo!! Everything was just freaking dandy!

Then a freak accident, my mom and I are driving home from the grocery store when some moron runs a red light and smashes right into us. Mom's okay, but I ended up with a broken arm and had to have emergency surgery.

That was no freaking picnic!

Three weeks later, the day before my 15th birthday, I have the worst flu that has ever bestowed an almost 15 year old body. I mean come on mother nature, give a girl a fucking break!

Mom decided to take me to the doctor a week ago since my flu wasn't letting up, and the meds I was taking weren't doing crap for me, no surprise there. The doc said it was a little unusual and decided to run some tests. So after a shit ton of prodding my veins, I'm here, with my mom, at the doctors office again, awaiting my test results. I honestly don't know why we're here, I mean it's the flu, and it's flu season; as far as I know there's no cure for the fucking flu. What are they going to tell me, 'well it just looks like all you need is more bed rest.' Yeah been down that road, it isn't helping!!

"Mom I don't want to be here, the doctor just going to tell me the same crap as before." Mom looks to be getting ansty. "I know, but Doctor Newton said you had to come in today, something about the results from your blood work."

I roll my eyes. "All he's going to tell me is that I'm sick, and need to stay on bed rest. I shouldn't even be here! I should be at home, in bed, grovelling to Alice about why she can't come for my Birthday tomorrow."

Mom looks over to me, gives a stern, shut the fuck up Bella, I've had enough, look. I take the hint and look over the tv above us, some stupid reality show is on. "Miss. Isabella Swan, Dr. Newton is ready to see you." It's about time, been waiting in this damn waiting room for nearly an hour.

My mom and I follow the nurse into a patient room and wait for Dr. Newton to come by. The nurse said it should only be a few minutes, Yeah we'll see. My mom is growing more antsy than before, she doesn't like seeing her only teenage daughter sick, especially since I never get sick. My older brother, Jasper, used to get sick all the time, mom said it's because he's a boy, and boys will be boys. What ever that means, and my dad Charlie, I think I've only seen him sick once, and mom nearly took us to a hotel during that time because my dad suddenly became a freaking spoiled two year old who never got his way. Not fun times.

Mom put her hand on my forehead to check my temperature, she's been doing that a lot these days. I pull away from her, she knows I'm irritated and don't want to be freaking touched anymore.

"I just don't understand it. It's been three weeks, and your flu hasn't let up. I hope you don't have a bad organ, or something that needs to be removed." I roll my eyes at her."I doubt it's that serious mom." I say, just before sneezing into my freshly used tissue. I pray to god this is something that can be taken care with surgery, that way I can get in and out, and have another excuse to miss school and stay in my room reading poorly written smut. What? I'm curious...

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