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Once she was old enough, N'essie joined Galaxy Fleet. She went through her training and became a healer, a doctor, the first in her class in Galaxy Fleet Medical. Aboard the ship, Valiant, N'essie, along with her fellow crew mates are deployed to a battle along the Solarian/Romulan border. They are there to provide medical relief for the Solari people and help end the battle.

On one of the Solarian colonies, along the edge of Romulan territory, N'essie and her team of doctors, nurses and medics transport down to provide aide to the injured Solarian, Human, Talaxian and Cygnarian people living on the planet. In the midst of a raging battle, N'essie finds an injured man and instantly, her heart stopped, recognized the unconscious, broken Solari man as her mate. With the help of her staff, they do their best to stabilize him, but he's fallen into a deep coma.

Transporting aboard the Valiant, N'essie heals the man's wounds, but his mind is a jumble of memories, horrors of battle and a sweet voice, trying to calm him. N'essie begins her vigil by his side, trying to heal the injuries in his mind. However, she gets lured into his dreams, his mind, his memories. Will it be too late for N'essie, lost in the man's Fractured Dreams?


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Aboard the Valiant, they moved into a standard orbit and transported down to the surface. The city center had been completely obliterated. In the distance, the away team could hear bombing and phaser fire. N’essie slung her emergency med kit over her shoulder and zipped up her Galaxy Fleet jacket. “Stay armed and with your partner. Triage the victims and provide basic care. Anyone who is immediate medical attention, transport them directly to the infirmary aboard the Valiant or the Cigno. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said N’essie’s staff. They took off, scattering along the city center. N’essie and her nurse checked the buildings along the main street, looking for any survivors. However, there were none in the city center. All of the bodies were in various stages of decomposition.

“Dr. Cullen, there are no life signs,” said N’essie’s nurse, Alanna. “Should we ask Captain Mo’ranne to transport us closer to the fighting?”

N’essie was about to nod when her comm badge chirped. “Cullen,” she barked.

“Doctor, we are going to transport you closer to Captain Charanel’s location. They are under attack and need medical attention,” said Captain Mo’ranne. “Energizing.” N’essie, Alanna and her team were transported to a large outcropping of rocks. They immediately took cover as phaser fire rung out all around them. Her uncle crouched down next to her. He was bleeding from a cut on his face.

“Sir, you’re bleeding,” N’essie said, taking out a derma regenerator.

“I’m fine,” he replied, waving her away. “We need to find out how to disrupt this neural weapon that the Romulans have.”

“Do you have scans of it?” N’essie asked, running the regenerator over her uncle’s face. He handed her his tricorder. She ran her fingers over the tiny screen, trying to make sense of the readings. “Here! Have everyone set their phasers to this frequency. It’ll disrupt the neural damage to the Solarians and other victims.” She blinked up to her uncle. “Is that why I’m getting his killer headache?”

“Yes,” Charanel replied, sending out N’essie’s frequency. Almost immediately the pain in their heads dissipated and the Romulans transported off the surface. “Charanel to all hands, check for any survivors! Stay armed and ready to attack.” They all began searching for any survivors. Most of the Solarians, humans and Talaxians were injured with significant brain damage. N’essie and the other doctor from the Cigno had them transported to their infirmaries.

“Doctor Cullen,” called Alanna. “We need you!”

“Are you good?” N’essie asked the doctor from the Cigno. He nodded. N’essie found Alanna in a cavern, running scans on an unconscious Solari man. When she saw him, N’essie felt like she had the air taken from her lungs. The man was completely battered and bruised, but N’essie only saw his beauty and his fractured thoughts in her head.

Pain … light … death … now … help …

Flashes of the nightmare he endured prior to his injury were on repeat along with those words. N’essie knelt down, brushing his short blonde hair away from his face. I’m here. You’re safe, N’essie thought to him. She took his hand, relishing in the warmth of his hand. “Cullen to Valiant,” N’essie said.

“Transporter Chief Beau here.”

“Two to beam directly to sick bay,” N’essie murmured, her fingers twining with her mysterious stranger, the man who was her mate.

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